Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Amazing Prototype Future Cars

Looking into the past, we can find that ever since the creation of this world, humans are constantly trying to find out the ways to travel faster and safer. In their urge to travel fast, they invented many vehicles. Humans utilized fast travelling animals, invented wheel and many other simple machines, which provided them with mechanical advantage and they certainly did manage to travel fast. With the invention of the wheel, vehicles entered into a new era but long after that the invention of an engine surprised the world with vehicles, which simply made travelling easier than ever before. The world kept on advancing and cars came into being. With this raised a question, which many futurists are interested in finding the answer about and that is how our future car will be like.

Cars quickly got the attraction of all the humans and hence become a very important part of our daily life. They are now kind of a necessity of the humans. With the development of this speeding techno world, humans are depending more and more on present world cars. Automobile or car manufacturing companies are more into a competition to improve the standard of their cars and hence generating huge amount of revenues. In the presence of so many different kind of choices available for customers when it comes to selecting the right car for them, the question that how our future car will look like becomes more and more prominent.

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The facts unfold that the car, which we can call our future car, must has the specifications, characteristics or qualities, which can face the challenges offered by this limited resources world. There are many challenges, which this world offers to our future car. Among all those challenge some of them are specifically of real importance. As the world has limited oil and gas resources, the future car must be efficient and must provide greater mileage using lesser amount of fuels. The world is running out of conventional fuels. If scientists could somehow find some other method or energy source, which could serve as an alternative for conventional fuels i.e. oil, gas, petrol etc than it could serve as a new life for this world. Pollution is another problem; the fuels, which we are using nowadays, cause pollution which is a curse for life on this earth. The future cars thus need to be devised in such a way that they may cause less or no pollution at all.

When it comes to future car, the compromise, which humans certainly cannot make,is on its speed. The modern world wants more and more speed as well as comfort and safety in their future car. It must be attractive technically sound and powerful. The automobile manufacturing companies are developing more and more gadgets and technologies for their cars. The gadgets like maps, gps navigation systems, gps car tracking systems are serving as a proof that our future cars will no longer be like our conventional cars. Humans like their future car in a way it is more quick, energy efficient, safe, high tech, light on pocket, attractive and better than ever before. The more this world will develop the better and high-tech our cars will get.
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